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Every Student's Problem

Failing to network like minded people

Today, many niches are generating every day with the growing science, and it is almost impossible to find people sharing the same interests.

Scienced is a platform where people can discuss and share their knowledge with other like-minded people.

Connect Create Educate

You just follow your passion, Scienced will do the rest

Follow your passion with like-minded folks. Scienced brings plenty of people having the same passion together. You can work on particular interests with people having similar interests and get to learn and build a better understanding. 

Our main goal is to help as many students publish their work, as publishing your article in a peer-reviewed journal is a tough job. We’ll post a lighter version (blog Version) of your work at our platform. Later on, people interested in your research area may contact you for collaboration and writing genuine research papers.

Scienced is a free tool for students and always will be. However, it’s not a peer-reviewed platform. Still, we maintain a barrier check to filter out spam and irrelevant articles concerning this platform. So if your article doesn’t contain any hate message, all good, we are here to publish your masterpiece.

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